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Hey, there! Thanks to all of our awesome contributors, the RvT token sale successfully completed way back in September! We are much further along in our timeline, and are migrating all of our information over to our parent company's domain - rivetz.com - in preparation for the launch of our upcoming products. You'll be able to find all the latest on Rivetz, our mission, team, and our products on the main site! Don't forget to get involved in our community via Discord, Telegram, & all of our social media channels!

Introducing Rivet (RvT):

The Decentralized & Mobile Cyber Security Token

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Learn About Rivetz

Rivetz aims to deliver provable cyber-controls for you to use while accessing the services you use daily. With a decentralized trust model, we can help you easily access services securely, without relying on 3rd party apps to have the proper measures in place. We do this in 3 easy steps:

1. Register Your Device

The Rivetz app will take a snapshot of your devices health and store it on our distributed network.

2. Verify Your Device

The Rivetz app will verify your phones identity and health status by comparing your phone current health snapshot to the one we have on file, on a schedule you set up! This way you're in charge of your security level!

3. Transactional Attestation & Proof

Rivetz has an infrastructure that will record the details of all riveted transactions. Each transaction will have proof that the device that authorized the transaction was in compliance with the requirements you set.

The Power of Rivetz

At Rivetz we believe that only known devices with a hardware identity, can send secure instructions. Otherwise, how can a service know that it's actually you? Some security companies will try and make you scan your face, fingers, jump up and down 3 times, and any number of other authentication services. With Rivetz, a known device has a special secret key hidden from hackers in the TEE that gives your device permission to sign into your services.

Video Crash Course

Check out the videos below to see our technology demos and learn just how easy Rivetz is to use!

Video Crash Course

  • Watch Our First Demo!

  • See the First Riveted BTC Transaction

  • Meet the Trusted User Interface!

  • Security Should Be Seamless, and Built-In

    Security doesn't have to be the overwhelming process that it has become. Your device simply needs to know what services it has permission to access. Rivetz will give you seamless integration with your services while keeping you safe, no crazy passwords, reCaptchas, or other annoying authentication processes. Just you, your phone, and your secure pin!

  • At Last! 2FA with Cyber Security Controls!

The CyberSecurity Token

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