Frequently Asked Questions

What's the global RvT token supply, and what's the ICO hard cap?

The global supply of RvT is 200,000,000 (200 million), with this ICO’s hard cap making a total of 70,000,000 (70 million) available for sale.

Is there a development roadmap? It's not in the white paper!

Yes! The company has been building this product for 3 years and has the technology in beta today. We’ve delivered more than a million dollars in contract work built on the foundations of the platform. Developer tools and the Rivetz 2 FA capability are expected to be delivered in the fall, and a machine multisig by the end of the year. We have a number of existing technology partners. See this video for more:

What is the business model?

For the RvT Token:
  • Tokens are expected to be exchanged for Cybercontrol services. Rivetz builds a couple and we have partners building a couple; the API’s will be published for anyone to explore.
  • Tokens wil be used to register reference health measurements.
  • Tokens will be used to verify the integrity of the device with the cybersecurity controller.
  • Tokens will be consumed to provide a machine multisig.
For Rivetz:
  • Developers can use the Rivetz trusted app as part of their Application.
  • Rivetz is building the core architectural components it believes will be required to deliver strong decentralized security.
  • Rivetz provides base services for the ecosystem: from 2fa and u2f apps to encryption and wallets (for a small fee).

Why is RvT important, and what does it represent?

RvT represents the addition of security to your product mix. Today there are many tokens that claim great protections of data using blockchain, but the manual protection of the private key both limits the utility of the service or creates a significant risk: tokens can be stolen. The addition of strong hardware-backed security provides a foundation to protect and also prove protection of the private key. From identity to storage to networking to payment utility, tokens need cybersecurity. The Rivetz token seeks to be a strong participant in the solution portfolio, providing the buyer with the provable Cybersecurity controls they need.

I'm a blockchain and cryptocurrency expert. Why would I need RVT?

As an expert you know that if you lose your key, you lose control of the service. The models of protection using private keys on paper and trezor work well for bitcoin but are not viable for doing microtransactions on a mobile phone. Rivetz aims to provide the built-in policy controls that assure only the transactions you intended are sent.

The models of offline wallets are not going to work for utility services such as managing access to encrypted storage, Identity or VPNs.

What are the advantages of RVT?

The advantage of RvT is that it will provide core infrastructure for cybersecurity and seeks to fully enable the hundreds of millions of devices that have security already built-in. The RvT model provides a blockchain-powered solution to enabling the preinstalled base of Trusted Computing and expects to support not only blockchain projects, but also basic cloud access with multi-factor, IoT with secured instructions, and legacy Fintech with secure payment controls. These markets provide an expected demand that is growing in both the consumer and enterprise market, providing Rivetz with a clear path forward to drive adoption and sales. Rivetz’ existing customers in the US government and DHS provide a solid launch foundation to drive growth.

How many devices have a TEE?

Trustonic, our partner, has already been deployed by manufacturers on 1 billion devices over the last 4 years, so there should be an installed base in the 500-700 Million units. Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Miezu, ZTE, SONY, Kyocera, already deliver devices that will run the Rivetz trusted app.

Do I need external hardware to use the TEE?

No hardware needs to be added! The TEE was added years ago by ARM, the company that does the architecture for all other chips in all phones. ARM licenses chip designs to the manufacturers of the chips (Samsung, Mediatek, Qualcomm). In the ARM architecture there is a technology called TRUSTZONE. This is a space on the processor in your phone that is not controlled by Android but instead by a little operating system called the TEE OS. We partner with a company, Trustonic, who makes a TEE OS. This small space on the chip is designed to run code that is very well protected and cannot be observed by Android or even by the developers of Android. The TEE is built into the chip to provide a vault to store secrets and secure processes in. For example, T-Mobile uses the TEE to unlock phones for international SIMs. We have made deals with Trustonic to allow Rivetz to deploy software for Blockchain, secure authentication and secure messaging.

What about iOS devices?

TEE is in the hardware of Apple devices and they use it for secure Enclave and Biometrics. They have not opened the platform for any third-party development yet. We will work with Apple as they open their platform. Today we will launch on Android with ARM and we will port our solution to the Intel TEE called SGX at the end of this year.

Is the security civil or commercial grade?

This security is currently civil grade. The underlying platform is going through common criteria certification that will eventually allow it to store a government grade identity credential. We are probably 2 years away from that. The Rivetz application is not certified today, but we will start certification in 2018. Once certified we will be able to store a medium assurance hardware identity better than a SIM in the Rivetz app. The industry will spend millions on certification from the chips to the manufacturers to the TEE OS to Rivetz.

What is the difference between Rivetz Corp and Rivetz Intl?

Rivetz Intl. is wholly owned by Rivetz Corp. The token (RvT) is managed, sold and operated by Rivetz Intl.

In which exchange RVT will be listed, and when?

Though Rivetz cannot be directly involved in the setup of the secondary market, we are overseeing the addition of the RVT to key exchanges and those will be listed on this site by September 24th.

When will I have access to my tokens?

Within two weeks after the ICO ended, the tokens will be available for trading and/or moving to other wallets.

Where could i check my Tokens?


I’ve used Ethplorer and seen that the amount of tokens on the blockchain don’t equal what they should after the bonus.

The bonus needs to be calculated manually in most cases. While most of the tokens have already been distributed the bonuses have not all been. By September 24th the bonuses will be calculated and distributed appropriately, including the referral bonuses.

I can see my tokens on the blockchain but not in my wallet. Can you give me the information to add custom tokens?

Rivetz will be updating this section by September 25th with specific instructions for how to add the tokens to your wallet. Some wallets will be updated automatically and others will require some manual intervention. Please do not add custom tokens before then or you may risk losing the real ones when they arrive.

My wallet was hacked, can I send my RvT's to another address?

Ethereum works on smart contracts that can’t be changed, so unfortunately it is not possible to change the address to which the RVT’s will be transferred.

The CyberSecurity Token

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