We're moving!

Hey, there! Thanks to all of our awesome contributors, the RvT token sale successfully completed way back in September! We are much further along in our timeline, and are migrating all of our information over to our parent company's domain - rivetz.com - in preparation for the launch of our upcoming products. You'll be able to find all the latest on Rivetz, our mission, team, and our products on the main site! Don't forget to get involved in our community via Discord, Telegram, & all of our social media channels!

For Token Owners

September 10, 2017: Thank you for participating in the Rivetz Token sale and for your purchase of RvT. The product team is working hard and we are excited toto deliver the first services to you this fall. By September 25th you will receive an email with instructions on how to verify that your RvT is under the control of your private key and will be freely transferable to other wallets. For many wallets this is automatic, but depending on the wallet you used, some manual entering of data may be required. In the case that you need to manually enter data, you will receive instructions from us on how to do so.

It is very important to remind everyone that there are hackers who may try to trick you and steal your tokens. We will duplicate all communication on our website at ttps://rivetzintl.com/. Please refer to the web site for instructions. We will also keep our chat agents live for a month following the sale to help provide assistance. We urge you to be cautious! The Rivetz project is all about working hard to make the process safer and simpler.

Rivetz is very enthusiastic about our Tokens; as utility tokens, they power the cybersecurity solution that will help protect your keys and transactions. We are eagerly awaiting our planned product launch later this year and are excited to support a new model for online security. We look forward to supporting the crypto community and we will actively share our progress and events online. The company will communicate through Telegram, Discord, and Twitter, not to mention our website. Feel free to come find us at any of the events we attend. This is a ground-breaking opportunity for all of us to deliver a better and safer online experience. Again, thank you for participating in the token sale and keep an eye out for our next email.

Best Regards,

The Rivetz Team

The CyberSecurity Token

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