The Rivetz Network


No more super phone! See how we do it!

While smartphones have increasingly become our device of choice for internet connectivity, a significant portion of users also have a traditional desktop or laptop, or a tablet. We also are connecting to new devices under our control all the time. Smart televisions, connected cars, thermostats, media centers, appliances, home automation and security systems are consuming network addresses at an unprecedented pace.

The collection of devices we interact with, and their associated trustworthiness, provide a fabric which allows us to interact across those devices. A new model of distributed trust allows this collection of devices to represent the simplest and safest mechanisms for us to transact. With adequate device properties, a wallet can be replicated to many of our devices with appropriate rules attached for each instance. A television can purchase content, a refrigerator can purchase groceries, a thermostat can procure energy, an automobile can acquire energy, and a user can manage all of this from a single device.

By combing through our behavior with our devices, we can interpret user conditions. A user can be assumed to be at home if, for example, their smartphone and tablet are within 10 meters of their smart TV and the electric car is plugged into the garage. This location data can inform a transaction in order to simplify the user experience, such as auto login into a device or service. Or, if a service provider is aware of the devices currently available to a user, they could route an incoming sensitive transaction to the most trustworthy device available in the user’s proximity.

We own and control many devices. Need a second location to back up your 2FA codes? How about your spouse’s phone. A third? Your child’s tablet. Need financial service access frequently when driving, make your 2FA codes available in your automobile. With Riveted application data, you remain in control of your information and can take advantage of the multitude of devices with which you interact and trust.

The Rivetz Network Collections services allow you to create friends and groups of devices for a simple and secure experience.