The Rivetz Network

Digital Assets

What is a digital asset?

Open your wallet. Your ID, your cash, your cards – credit, debit, insurance, health care, loyalty – and ALL other items will become digital. Each asset will be available to you and your provider via the blockchain. Interactions with your providers will be more efficient, more visible, and less costly with the transition to the blockchain. Your trustworthy interactions between yourself and your providers will be accomplished through your digital wallet.

Your digital wallet will contain a multitude of cryptographic key pairs, and you will have to protect the private portion of each key pair. These pairs will correspond to the services to which you are subscribed and will allow you to employ the wallet to securely manage the lifecycle of these very sensitive digital pieces of information.

Some platforms may contain hardware-based protection mechanisms, but they are very rarely used, and even then only for specialized applications. Rivetz uses the secure enclaves in devices, such as the Trusted Execution Environments, Intel SGK, and IoT Secure Elements, creating an open-source set of APIs that allow an interoperable set of capabilities for institutions who desire to provide a trustworthy experience for their users.

Devices protect digital assets.