The Rivetz Network

Dual Roots of Trust

Single points of failure are a thing of the past.

Most of us have that nauseous hyperventilating reaction when we reach for our smartphone and it is not where we expect it to be. The frequency of device loss or theft remains significant, and the potential for data loss due to poorly administered devices continues to affect enterprises and users. Occasional supply-chain failures, like Spectre and Meltdown, or a breach of a database of SIM master keys, concerns enterprises as they attempt to evaluate the severity of these conditions and determine remediation plans.

Rivetz has partnered with Eleven Paths – the cybersecurity arm of Telefónica, one of the largest and most widely deployed carriers in Europe and Latin America – in order to develop enhanced cybersecurity capabilities for handsets where digital assets are distributed in what we refer to as “Dual Roots of Trust”. By cryptographically splitting a secret within both the Trusted Execution Environment and the SIM (the secure chip the carrier uses to identify your handset), we are able to protect a digital asset and allow it to be controllable from both the handset as well as over the air.

If you lose your smartphone, a quick interaction with your carrier allows you to turn off your crypto wallet and your access to work data. Find your device under the seat of your car, just turn those special apps back on. Heard about the latest zero-day attack and the news doesn’t sound good, just disable those sensitive apps. When you get that security patch, turn ’em back on. Alternately, you could authorize your employees to access a blockchain resource only during business hours by OTA-enabling their app keys during their shift hours.

Based on a successful research effort with ElevenPaths, Rivetz’s team of security professionals has demonstrated dual root control for a variety of Riveted reference applications. Rivetz intends to productize similar carrier control services for availability in 2019.

Fail-safe protection, fail-safe recovery – Riveted assets give you that extra measure of safety.