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Rivetz enables anyone to simplify and secure their users’ digital assets. Some Service Providers may wish to develop and deploy Riveted services, others may wish to offer trustworthy services on the Rivetz Network. All users will wish to benefit from the simplest, safest experience available.

Service Provider registration allows the production deployment of an application using services available on the Rivetz Network. Registration is available at An evaluation code for limited access to the Rivetz Network is available by sending an email to

We have developed a variety of Android applications and reference code that demonstrate the power of the Rivetz Network. Our reference code is on our developer site, and some of our applications are either open source, or are available for third-party license and/or product integration.

At Rivetz, we believe in strong authentication, for both users and devices. Password-based authentication is no longer enough. Our Authenticator product is an example of a second-factor authentication service based on OATH and is compatible with a variety of others including Google Authenitcator and Authy. By using capabilities offered through our toolkit, this version offers several security and usability enhancements, including a Secure User Experience, protection of the codes in a tamper-resistant environment, device integrity check on launch, and secure backup and restore.

We also believe in trustworthy communications. Devices must be capable of carrying confidential conversations. Devices must be able to be associated with one another. Devices must provably protect secrets. And device communications must be able to be metered or conditional. Users deserve similar. Our Chadder product is an example of a secure communications platform that takes advantage of the most secure environment available for trust capabilities. On the Android platform with TEE, it uses the Rivetz Network for secure key establishment. With communication assets secured in the Rivet, all the enhanced services available within our toolkit provide the protection of the user’s messages and files, and provide the ability for rules to be applied to these messages. For example, specific conversations can be delivered only to devices with a secure UI and be made to automatically dissapear after a specified duration.

The evolution of these products will closely match the growth and capabilities of services within the Rivetz Network. Our users and development community will be among the first to enjoy the early release of services. Examples of services may include identity, location, device health, dynamic scanning, custom chains, wallets, and notary, among others. For partnership inquiries, please email

We believe experiences should be safe. We believe they should be simple. We believe you will, too.