The Rivetz Network

A Permanent Record

Learn how Rivetz gives you big data.

Did I pay the electric bill? Did I get paid? Is my insurance claim being processed? Did I get the latest corporate sales data? Having a record available to all and ensuring that we agree on the state of transactions is part of the power of the blockchain.

Shouldn’t we record as much about a transaction as possible? We should know if Sally wishes to purchase a $2,000 dress at 3 a.m., 700 miles from her home from a smartphone she has never used before. Better yet, we should be able to stop Sally’s impersonator from making that purchase – or, at least, make Sally confirm her identity before we allow her to spend the money.

Should we allow only one individual on a home-created terminal to authorize a remote change to a network address or change the phone number on a user’s SIM card? Having a known user, on a known device, in a known condition allows us to record, along with the transaction, the specific identity and state of the instructing device, as well as record the authenticated user. Because this information is acquired at transaction time, it associates a forensic record of the environment of a transaction. This gives anyone the ability to perpetually audit that transaction.

The Rivetz Network provides the capability to perform a forensic audit of transactions. With Notarized Transactions, it is possible to affect blockchain operations and record device information at transaction time. With enhanced blockchain services, it would be possible to evaluate the identity of a user, device, and its current posture as a condition for a transaction, thus preventing a rogue or compromised device, or an unauthorized user, from conducting a prohibited transaction.

The Rivetz Network provides a forensically auditable environment to help increase the quality of our transactions.