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Rivetz Network

Meet the Rivetz Network

Where, when, how, and under what conditions are you able to transact? Whether we must be in a specific location, be a user of a specific age range, be under a certain employment condition, or it must be during specific hours to conduct certain transactions, the conditions under which a digital asset may be used will effectively be boundless. We can imagine an indescribable set of conditions on which a usage decision can be made, just as we can envision the many types of conditions under which our digital assets may be made available to ourselves and others. From a death to the purchase of a new device, there are a variety of methods and mechanisms a user may wish to change the conditions under which they permanently or temporarily store their digital assets.

Rivetz recognizes the almost infinite possibilities of conditions and capabilities that digital assets may operate under. We recognize that the needs of digital asset management are unachievable by a single provider, and that an ecosystem of digital asset providers is required to safely and simply enable the blockchain economy.

Rivetz has established ‘The Rivetz Network’ with the ability of third parties to become ‘Service Providers’. Our ability to seamlessly integrate third-party providers via our system Registrar is accomplished by a simple Service Provider registration process. Your application is easily ‘Riveted’ with the use of the Rivetz Toolkit at

After submission of your application, a short KYC period will ensue, followed by a validation of your credentials. As an approved Service Provider on The Rivetz Network, you will enjoy smart contract-based automated settlement within the RvT token-based ecosystem. Your Service Provider ID can be acquired at

Rivetz enables third-parties.