The Rivetz Network

Service Providers

How does Rivetz offer policies?

One of the great potentials of blockchain technology is the ability to place the consumer in control of the transaction. An individual’s interaction with a provider is according to an agreed-upon relationship, for which there is an agreed-upon “contract”. The user need only manage their authorizations with their providers.

Users, however, are constantly replacing and adding devices to their lives. A new cellphone, a smart TV, a wireless thermostat, an electric car – the number of intelligent devices joining our households is exploding. It has rapidly become all but impossible to manage all of your digital assets securely.

Rivetz manages the lifecycle of your digital assets. We have assembled the Rivetz Network – a collection of advanced services, which your application provider can use when creating their offerings for you. On trustworthy devices, we create, use, archive, migrate, and (always) secure, your digital assets. You remain in control, yet you enjoy the most advanced security possible – because your service provider determined your relationship with them to be important.

The Rivetz Network is powered by our crypto utility token – the RvT. The RvT is an Ethereum-based token that your device can exchange for trustworthy services on your behalf, within The Rivetz Network. You will grant your device an allowance and it will use its collection of utility tokens in order to ensure that all your transactions are protected for both you and your provider.

Rivetz helps you to manage your digital assets, securely.