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Your Rivet

The app that puts you in control!

Who owns your data? While some social media companies would like to continue to violate your privacy, emerging government regulations are beginning to mandate protection of user data. As we’ve recently seen, this relies on the service provider’s trustworthiness. If that provider is compromised, so may be your personal information.

Blockchain-based applications have the promise to return control of a user’s data to the user. If you own the data, you should be able to enforce, via smart contracts, by whom and under what conditions your personal information may be accessed. Your ability to interact with these smart contracts will be controlled by application secrets – by private keys – held within your device.

Rivetz protects your privacy and provides for your security, by installing your ‘Rivet’ on your device. Your Rivet has your private keys – your secrets, your special codes, your identity. You control your Rivet. And you control the things within your Rivet. If you wish to copy your Rivet to another device, you control that. If you wish to entrust it to a third party whom you respect, you can do that; destroy one of your applications, OK; send a part to one of your devices and another part to a different device so that it requires both to operate, no problem.

Your Rivet, your decision.