Rivetz Policy Engine

Policies for Accessing Your Digital Life

Building custom policies into your app is hard. Rivetz allows you to store keys within the Measured Compute Environment and we take care of enabling and deploying all the policies a user sets, quickly and easily!

A Winning Combination

Our Policy Engine operates within the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), a secure hardware element already available on 500+ Million devices. The combination of the Rivetz Policy Engine and the TEE gives customers the confidence to trust that the policies they set will be followed every time a key is used to sign a transaction.

Why Should Developers Care?

Devs are right to ask why this should matter to them. There are three principal reasons:

  • You will be able to give your customers/users access to our entire library of policies to choose from, without spending any time building in those policies. Simply store the keys with Rivetz, and we enable the rest!
  • Built-in security is the best user experience. Do you know anyone who sets a password for their SIM? We thought not.
  • A portion of any revenue that comes from a user enabling a policy on your app’s keys will be shared with you.

Ready to Enable Policies in Your App?