new Rivetz Authenticator Release!

Simpler & Safer Digital Life

The combination of the Rivetz Policy Engine and the trusted hardware already on your device creates an environment where everyone can simply & safely manage and control their keys.

<We Put Devs First!/>

Our tools allow you to develop an application where the keys are stored within the Measured Compute Environment. Key management has never been so simple and safe to build in, not to mention any policy users apply to your keys makes you cold hard revenue!

How to Get Rivetz

It’s easy to get Rivetz all set up. If you have a compatible device, you can download the Rivet. Our key management dashboard onto your phone. From there you can download any application we have partnered with to protect your keys with an extra layer of security.

Download the Rivet

The Rivet is your control center for the Rivetz Network

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Riveted Apps

Pick any app from the link below and start using Rivetz!

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For Developers

Provide a safer & simpler experience to your users!

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